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        Company Profile

        Beijing BBEF Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (BBEF) originated as a reorganization of Beijing Broadcast Equipment Factory (the state-owned “761 Factory”) founded in 1950. It now develops, produces and markets a wide range of radio and television transmission equipment, large-scale scientific facilities,. Over the past seventy years, BBEF has thrived on innovation and become a market-leading equipment manufacturer and system solution supplier in the wireless communications sector. BBEF will continue to focus on RF and digital technologies as well as aligning with 5G, Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and other new generation of information technologies, so as to create a full-band, multi-power trans-ceiving series of intelligent equipment for radio and television, wireless communications, scientific research, timing and navigation, emergency, detection, medical and other applications, thus empowering global customers with greater value.

        BBEF now owns 400 patents and a number of proprietary technologies, and is proud to preside over and participate in the development of several national and industry standards. With highly advanced technology and exquisite process, many products have won national or provincial awards, especially the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2016. The hundreds of products of BBEF span the bands range from ultra-long wave to microwave, at power levels from milliwatts to megawatts. In the radio and television division, BBEF offers a comprehensive portfolio of medium wave, short wave, ultra-short wave and microwave, capable of providing program production, transmission, reception and other system solutions. Meanwhile, the RF power source products are also used in such diverse applications as high-energy physics research, heavy ion medical treatment, controlled nuclear fusion, nuclear waste disposal and other high-precision industries.

        With the honors of the past, BBEF will continue to serve the world with its commitment to quality and innovation. Seventy years of notable achievements and revolutionary changes have endowed BBEF with a solid foundation and the core value of “Unity, Diligence, Innovation, Exploration”.  BBEF will focus on applying RF technologies to new areas as well as keeping its significant role in domestic and world markets.

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